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The Village of Richton Park recognizes that our pets can be more than just animals, they're family! You're involved in your community, and you want the very best for your pet. The biggest benefit of registering a pet with the Village of Richton Park is the increased chance of pet owners being reunited with their dog or cat, should it become lost. Applying for the license also serves as a reminder to renew a pet’s annual rabies vaccination, which could save the pet’s life.

The fee for a dog or cat license is five dollars ($5.00) and shall be paid online to the right, or to the Clerk at Village Hall along with completed Pet License form. All pet licenses are valid from date of purchase to December 31st of each year, at which time a license is due for its annual renewal. All pet license renewals are effective January 1st and expire December 31st of each year 

 According to Village Ordinance (Ord. 321A. Passed 4-22-69; 1976 Code 4-33.), no person shall own or harbor, at any one time in the Village, more than two dogs or cats of licensing age.

Animal Control  

The Community Service  Officer (CSO) is responsible for enforcing local, state and federal  laws relating to animals, and for appropriately resolving or referring  complainants to the proper authority. During hours when the Community  Service Officer is off duty, or if the CSO is otherwise unavailable, the  following animal related calls for service will be handled by the  appropriate on-duty officer.

Officers may be dispatched to animal related calls and should take appropriate actions to control the situation. Due to the hazards of handling animals without proper equipment, responding officers should use caution when attempting to capture and pick up any animal.

The following are examples of when an officer may be required to take immediate action:

  • (a) When there is a threat to the public safety.
  • (b) When animal has bitten someone, officers should take measures to confine the animal and prevent further injury.
  • (c) When an animal is creating a traffic hazard.
  • (d) When the owner/handler has been arrested and there is no other alternative placement for the animal.
  • (e) When the animal is gravely injured

In regards to an Injured domestic animal, an officer would be dispatched to the location of the animal, if it is located and can be taken into our custody we would transport the animal to the to a local animal shelter. The hospital staff would scan the animal for micro-chip and if an owner is known they would be notified. If the animal is not micro-chipped then the animal hospital would evaluate the injury to see if treatment is an option or euthanasia is necessary according to their policies and procedures.

In regards to a domestic animal being located deceased on the public right away in the village, the animal will be recovered and transported to a local animal shelter to be scanned for micro-chip. If it is chipped the owner will be notified if it is not the animal hospital will follow their procedure for disposal of the deceased animal. In this instance a call would have been generated and the particulars about the animal would be entered into that call with information such as breed, wearing a collar etc…

  • Paws Shelter & Animal Hospital - Tinley Park - 815.464.7298
  • Animal Welfare League - Chicago Ridge - 708.636.8586

 The Richton Park Police Department does not set traps for animals.

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