Community Relations

The Community Relations division of Community & Economic Development serves the community by planning, coordinating, and hosting Village programs, events, workshops, etc. Evoking citizen engagement is vital for a community to thrive, and through these various ventures, RIchton Park is a better place to live. Community Relations enforces the Village’s Human Rights Ordinance and Fair Housing Policy, encourages block organizing, community safety and multi-cultural training, mediates landlord/tenant and neighbor disputes and provides resident training in community outreach.

Services & Resources | What We Do

  • Build & maintain relationships with Richton Park neighbors and local organizations
  • Identify local and state, governmental resources available to the community
  • Connect Village programs and events to specific community needs
  • Identify, organize, and coordinate various volunteer opportunities
  • Coordinate resident mediation services
  • Identify and advertise rental & mortgage, and utility assistance programs
  • Identify and coordinate job readiness resources
  • Identify community employment opportunities
  • Liaison to Village commissions, committees, and groups
  • Liaison to Village Home Owner Associations
  • Coordinate various Village community events
  • Resident Meal Delivery for Seniors
  1. Kenneth L. Jones 2.5

    Kenneth Jones

    Community Relations Coordinator

Community Resources

Find information about the community you live in and the services that are provided to you as a citizen, resident, or business.