Parkway Tree Replacement Program

Program Summary

The Village has an ongoing parkway tree replacement program. Parkway trees are defined as trees within the Village right-of-way, usually located between the sidewalk and curb.

Recent infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has devastated the ash tree population throughout Richton Park, and the entire Midwest. Since the local identification of Emerald Ash Borer in 2010 the Village has not been able to replace parkway trees at the same rate as annual removal. There has been increasing public interest in continued tree replacement. Several years, ago 50/50 cost share program was implemented and in an effort to expedite parkway tree replacements in Richton Park, the Village Board has recently adopted a new Parkway Tree Replacement Program.

For all the reasons related to the fact that we are dealing with mass removals of a single species, tree diversity will be a high priority. Final selection will be based on site conditions as well as neighborhood diversification. Tree planting locations will depend on a lot of factors, including: utility, water service or sewer, street signs, fire hydrants and existing street lighting locations.

Program Details

The Public Works Department will be taking request for parkway planting ending August 31 of every year.  Residences have two options to get a tree planted within the parkway in front of their home.

  • Option 1: Requests may be added to a waiting list for no-cost replacement, but replanting will be done as budgets permit each year. Replacements will be done on a first come first serve basis; consequently, replacement dates are indefinite and may take many years. Residences under Option 1 will not be able to select the type of tree planted.
  • Option 2: Residents choosing to participate in a cost share program would pre-pay $100 for their tree, ensuring replacement within the next available planting season. Residents interested in the Parkway Tree Cost Sharing Program should complete an application and return it to the Public Works Department or the Village Hall.  Residences will be able to select a tree from the approved list (detailed below and in the subdivision regulations (Appendix B) so long as it matches the criteria detailed below.

In the event there are available funds where no residents have requested replacement, Public Works will be identifying tree locations that will benefit the community.  


  • NEW SUBDIVISIONS: The Village will not plant parkway trees in any subdivisions where the improvements have not been approved and accepted by the Village of Richton Park. Prior to subdivision acceptance, the developer is responsible for planting healthy parkway trees and guaranteeing them as outlined in the Subdivision Regulations.
  • Trees shall not be planted within 10 feet of alleyways, utility poles, or driveways.
  • Trees will not be permitted on residential parkways where there is less than four (4) feet between the sidewalk and curb or edge of pavement.
  • The same tree species cannot be planted next to one another along any parkway.
  • All sites must provide for and conform to the ultimate growth of the tree. Trees with a mature height growth greater than 30’ cannot be planted under utility lines.
  • Trees must be planted at least 20 feet from existing trees on private property.
  • Public Works will plant the tree and would like the homeowner to assist in watering the tree.

Trees in the parkway shall be planted in accordance with the subdivision regulation summarized below:

Tree Size (Ft.)

Planting Interval (Ft.)

Large trees (40 +)


Medium trees (30-40)


Small trees (to 30)




Street Corner

40 feet

Light Pole

40 feet

Curb Cut

20 feet


20 feet

Fire Hydrant

10 feet

Public Utilities

10 feet


3 feet*