EV | Electric Vehicle Readiness

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Following the passage of a December 2022 resolution, the Village of Richton Park was selected to receive the EV readiness designation once the qualifications have been met.  Only University Park and Richton Park have the potential to receive this new designation in the Southland. Here, we are creating an effort to better communicate our progress and provide resources and information to residents interested in joining us on this journey.

We strive to make progressive initiatives available for the community. In an effort to reduce our collective carbon footprint, and encourage more sustainable means of travel, the Village will be supporting the installation of the necessary infrastructure. Though this transition isn't solidified overnight, the Village is committed to incremental progress through the partnership with residents, businesses, ComEd, and other area stakeholders.

Are you ready to plug in to a zero-emissions car? EVs have no tailpipe emissions and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Switching your main car to an EV saves the cost of gas and lowers maintenance costs too. Driving an EV typically costs less than half of what it costs to drive a gas car.

Benefits of EV

Richton Park residents and business owners are welcome to install EV charging stations at their property.

A person may park only an electric vehicle in an electric vehicle charging station space designated for use by electric vehicles. Unauthorized use of EV-only parking by non-EVs at both public and private properties is prohibited.

Communicate provisions of Illinois Vehicle Code (ILCS 625 ILCS 5/11-1308)