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Posted on: January 4, 2023

Richton Park Fire Dept Recognized for Outstanding Performances in the Field

Fire Chief Mick Smith is proud of his team, stating "Firefighters often perform well, never expecting recognition because it's their job; but as thankless as this job can be, I think it's important to let our men and women know that they are outstanding and appreciated for what they do." 

Unit Citations can be recommended by Village Administration, supervisors, colleagues, or even residents acknowledging members of personnel that have performed outstanding on an emergency call or situation. The following have been recognized include:

9/14/2022 -MVA 

Village crews were dispatched to I57 northbound for a devastating motor vehicle crash. Crews arrived and found a vehicle that had heavy damage that resulted in 4 patients with serious injuries. The crew of three was tasked with extricating and carrying for four patients until support crews arrived. The incident included a light pole that was struck and knocked down which energized the vehicle. Even under such conditions and circumstances, crews successfully extricated the multiple patients. With the assistance of Matteson, University Park and Monee Fire Departments, all patients were successfully transported to their perspective medical facilities. Our crew included:

  • Captain Ron Robinson
  • Lieutenant Pat Hisel 
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Alysa Fox 


On the above date crews were dispatched for a gunshot victim near Sauk School here in Richton Park. Upon arrival, crews found a female with a gunshot wound to her abdomen. Crews instantly performed lifesaving procedures on the spot. The patient was in grave condition, needing emergency surgery as soon as possible. After finally being stabilized, the patient was transported to a Level-One Trauma Center. The efforts of our crew ultimately saved the patient's life. The crew included:  

  • Captain Bill Kennedy
  • Firefighter/Paremedic Missy Reposa
  • Firefighter/Paremedic Bill Novak 
  • Firefighter/EMT Raven Powell 
  • Firefighter/EMT Anthony Edwards


Crews were dispatched for a tragic motor vehicle accident in the 22400 block of Lawndale. Upon arrival, crews encountered a vehicle incident with significant side impact damage. Crews quickly assessed the situation, and conditions of the subjects of the incident, including 2 patients in grave condition, 1 patient in critical condition, and 1 in stable condition with minor injuries. With the assistance of Richton Park Police, Village crews instantly performed lifesaving procedures. Unfortunately two patients did not survive their injuries. However, the crew's efforts were second to none. Our First Responders performed exemplary under extremely stressful situations, and showed compassion, empathy, and concern for the victims and residents on scene, as well as each other. All patients were transported to local medical facilities. The Crews included:  

  • Captain Ron Robinson
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Doug Pepe 
  • Firefighter/EMT Eric Wiley Sr.
  • Officer Christina Warren
  • Officer Joseph Sanders
  • Officer Kristopher Jones
  • Officer William Shaw



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