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Occupancy Inpsection Application

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  3. 4455 Sauk Trail. Richton Park, IL 60471 708.481.8950 -
  4. The Village of Richton requires that an occupancy inspection be performed prior to the change in ownership or tenancy of any property. This ordinance applies to all residential and commercial properties.
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  10. I hereby give my permission for the Village Inspector to enter the premises the inspection. (The owner or agent must be present)*
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  12. In order to complete the occupancy inspection, all utilities, including water, must be in service.
    A heating certificate or receipt is required for all properties. Commercial properties also require a roof certificate. These certificates must show the furnace (and roof, if commercial) was inspected and is in good condition. The certificate(s) must be dated within the last six months and the Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until the certificate (s) is received. NO CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY WILL BE ISSUED UNTIL ALL VIOLATIONS ARE ABATED.
  13. In accordance with the International Fire Code, an approved battery operated single station smoke detector shall be installed in existing dwelling units in all sleeping areas, in the immediate area outside sleeping areas, and each story within a dwelling unit including the basements and occupied attics (unoccupied attics and crawl spaces not included). As of January 1, 2007, an approved carbon monoxide detector is required within 15 feet of every room used for sleeping purposes.
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  15. Pete Saunders, Community & Economic Development Director
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