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Summer Camp COVID-19 Survey

  1. We need your feedback! The Village of Richton Park’s, Community Services Department is working through a plan that may be available for 2020 summer camp. It would be helpful for our camp families to weigh in on what your plans are and how you are feeling about summer camp this year. We know things can change, but please answer honestly with your thoughts at the moment. The department will move forward for our summer camp programming incompliance with the CDC protocols and the Executive Order.

  2. 4. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, would you still consider sending your child to camp? Please read through all of the responses; you may choose multiple.*

  3. 5. Do you depend on summer camp for you to work/childcare?

  4. 6. Would you still sign-up for the Summer Camp program if there was not a before and after camp option?

  5. 7. When permitted, the village anticipates camp having a limited number of campers and staff in one location. In order to limit the number of campers per group, would you prefer to:

  6. 8. Which of the following would you deem necessary before you considered sending your child to camp this summer? Please check all that apply.

  7. 9. At this time, we will not be able to go on field trips and potentially not able to go to the pool. Does this affect your decision to send your child to camp?

  8. 10. What type of summer activities do you want planned for your child this summer?

  9. 11. What time frames would work best to host summer camp for your family?

  10. 13. Are you interested in participating in the following youth programs for yourself under the new CDC Guidelines below?

  11. 14. Are you interested in participating in the following adult programs for yourself under the new CDC Guidelines below?

  12. Anything you would like to add? Please understand that results are anonymous so we will not be able to answer questions/concerns. Please email or to have your questions/concerns addressed.

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