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Youth Advisory Committe Application

  1. Youth Advisory Committee cover
  2. Youth Advisory Committee Member Application
  3. The Parks and Recreation Commission is seeking individuals to serve on the Youth Advisory Committee. The Parks and Recreation Commission’s focus is recruitment, fundraising, and providing program ideas to the department. The Youth Advisory Committee will work with the Parks and Recreation Commission on these same focus areas. The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee is to have a group of youth who can be the voice for their peers. Youth Committee members would also participate in fundraising, planning trips, and volunteering for special events. All participants will be able to receive credit for volunteer hours as well.
  4. Qualifications
    1. Must be a resident of Richton Park
    2. Applicant must be in 9th -12th grade
    3. Must have 2.5 G.P.A. or above
    4. 2 letters of recommendation are required
  5. Please rank your interest, 1-4, in the following below
  6. The selected Village commissions meet monthly. Additionally, there are other responsibilities in preparation for meetings (review of minutes, agenda and other materials). Please list any regular conflicts you may have including any work, transportation, school activity or other commitments.
  7. Please list two references from non-family members from your community, school, or other local organizations who would recommend you as a Youth Committee member.
  8. As a Youth Advisory Committee member applicant, I realize that such a privilege involves certain responsibilities including regular attendance and full participation in all Youth Advisory Committee activities and events.
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