Additional Information

Water Billing Rate Increase

Charges for the use/service supplied by the water system of the Village are based on consumption of all residents and commercial properties. The rates between 100 cubic feet and 1000 gallons are equivalent in term of conversion between cubic feet and gallon, but the usage determines the cost.  Annually in March of each year the ordinance requires a 4% increase in water and sewer as indicated below.

These increases are used to help support the maintenance of the overall water system. Currently our new system is reading in gallons. 

4% Increase for Water per 100 cubic feet Usage

  • March 2018 - $4.51
  • March 2019 - $4.69
  • March 2020 - $4.88

4% Increase for Sewer per 100 cubic feet

  • March 2018 - $1.50
  • March 2019 - $1.56
  • March 2020 - $1.62

4% Increase for Water per 1000 Gallon Usage

  • March 2018 - $6.03
  • March 2019 - $6.27
  • March 2020 - $6.52

4% Increase for Sewer per 1000 Gallon

  • March 2018 - $2.01
  • March 2019 - $2.09
  • March 2020 - $2.17

The storm water fees for customers are as follow:  

  •    March 2018 - $20.18
  •    March 2019 - $20.58
  •    March 2020 - $20.99

Note a 4% increase is for both cubic feet and gallon read meters.

Water Shut Off Valves and Emergencies

You never know when your water heater is going to blow out, when a pipe will burst or when a faucet will decide to become a fountain. When these kinds of disasters happen you will need to know how to shut off the water.

Most sinks and toilets in the house have shut off valves below them, which will shut the water off to that fixture. The hot water heater also has a shut off valve, which will shut off the hot water in the house. It is a good idea to check your house to find all the shut off valves and make sure they work. In addition to all the other valves, all homes have a main shut off which will turn off all the water coming into the home. Locate your main valve to see if it works. If you need assistance, please call the Public Works Department (708) 481-8950x147.

Water Schedule

Water Glass.jpg
Meter Reading is done by Public Works employees and the Village bills for actual usage of water.

  • Meter Reading is done the month before bills are produced: February, May, August and November.
  • Bills will be produced and mailed out the first week of each of the following months: March, June, September and December.
  • Bills are due within 30 days. After 30 days a 10% penalty is added.
  • After 45 days, a $60 delinquency fee is added and the account is placed on the disconnection list.
  • Water accounts will be disconnected and will not be re-connected until after payment is made in full, including the $60 delinquency fee.
  • If disconnection of water occurs due to non-payment twice within twelve months, a $250 deposit will be required to reconnect the water. Customer may choose to establish this deposit by paying $90 per month for three months for a $270 deposit. These deposits will be applied to the final bill and any deposit left will be paid to the customer after termination of their water services and determination of the final bill with the Village.

Water Appointments

There are many reasons a water appointment would need to be arranged.
  • Water Leak Check: if a resident has noticed a large increase in their water bill, looking at the number of usage not total of bill, this normally is due to a water leak within the household. The Village of Richton Park offers a free water leak check (if usage has increased). We can schedule for a member of the Water Department to come into the house and check for notable leaks. Public Works will not fix any leaks within the home due to the this is a homeowners issue, but will help in identifying common problems.
  • Main Valve needs to be replaced. If a plumber and/or someone is trying to repair pipes in the house we recommend first trying to turn the water off at the main valve within the house. If this valve is broke, you can call Public Works and have them turn the water off at the main line. Once this is done we recommend to get the main valve within the house fixed first, in order to have control of water within your home.
  • Meter needs to be fixed. If the Village has noticed that the meter is not working properly from the outside of the house (not receiving a proper read), a member of Public Works will need to enter the home in order to repair that meter.
These are just some of the main reasons to schedule a water appointment but other issues will come up from time to time. If a water appointment is needed, please contact the Water Department at (708)481-8950x105. All appointments require 24 hours in advance notice unless there is an emergency.