Government | Richton Park Government

The Village was incorporated in 1926 and operates under the village form of local government. The Village of Richton Park operates under the board / manager form of government. The eight member Board of Trustees and President are elected in an election at large on a four year staggered basis, with the Village President elected to that specific office by the voters.

The Village Board of Trustees

The Village of Richton Park Board of Trustees is responsible for setting village policy, enacting ordinances and resolutions for the proper governing of the village, as well as for overseeing the proper planning of the village.

The Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is an elected position and is responsible for the proper keeping of all official documents of the village. As well, the position is the Local Election Official, and it responsible for in-person absentee voting, as well as the duties of setting the ballot for all the local elections.

The Village Manager

As Chief Administrator, the Village Manager is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the village. The manager is appointed by the president and Board of Trustees and serves as business manager, attends all board meetings, and makes recommendations to the board. The village manager is responsible for implementing the policies and directives of the village president and Board of Trustees. The village manager supervises the village staff, consultants, and leads the development of staff, makes recommendations to the village president and board, and supports the village's various committees and commissions.

The Village of Richton Park provides a range of basic municipal services including:

  • Administration
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Public Works (Water & Sewer)
  • Community Development
  • Community Relations
  • Economic Development
  • Finance
  • Parks and Recreation