Fire Prevention


It shall be the goal of the Richton Park Fire Department to actively promote and provide public fire prevention education, to eliminate needless fire deaths due to fire, and to protect structures from loss due to fire, through enforcement of all applicable codes and installation of protection systems. Fire prevention is recognized as an essential component in the overall fire suppression effort.


1. Promote installation of early detection equipment in residences, public and commercial

2. To provide fire safety and prevention programs to all educational institutions including
    pre-school centers within the District and to assist these facilities in conducting fire
    drills and inspections.

3. Inspect all buildings within the Village on an annual basis. Buildings designated as high risk
    shall be inspected twice annually.

4. To provide safety related articles for media publication of a monthly basis.

5. To provide fire prevention education to all firefighters during scheduled training sessions.

6. Provide opportunities for firefighters and officers to attend training conferences and seminars
    in areas of fire prevention, code enforcement, public education and investigative methods.

7. Investigate all fires to determine cause.

8. To actively promote and installation of sprinklers in all residential, commercial and public

9. Upon request, or determination of need, provide adult awareness and juvenile fire setters

10. Assist in the review of plans and blue prints for all new structures, existing structures
      undergoing renovation or remodeling, and new developments.

11. to support any enhancement, improvements, or opportunities that provide service through
      9-1-1 and its committees.