Solar Inspections

Due to the hazardous nature of distributed generation installations the Village of Richton Park, along with many other municipalities in the county, state, and country require the following safeguards to protect the building occupants:

  1. The contractor shall schedule a pre-construction meeting with the electrical inspector and all installers present.
  2. At the pre-construction meeting the contractor shall provide a complete set of approved drawings and a complete permit pack containing all manufactures specifications for all equipment, components, labels, and any/all ancillary materials to be installed.
  3. At the pre-construction meeting the electrical inspector shall review all drawing and documents to verify all components to be installed correspond with the approved documents, all applicable listings, and all manufactures specifications.
  4. At the pre-construction meeting the electrical inspector shall verify the credentials of all workers present on the job site. All workers on the job site shall meet the requirements of "qualified persons" as defined by NFPA 70 and NFPA 70E.
  5. At the pre-construction meeting acceptable documentation would include NABCEP PV installer specialist certification, NABCEP PV installation professional certification or equivalent. Any equivalent documentation shall be recolonized by the department of labor or the department of education and shall include training in all applicable OSHA requirements included in the NABCEP certification program.
  6. Upon satisfactory completion of pre-construction meeting work shall be allowed to begin.
  7. The contractor shall schedule a rough inspection. A rough inspection shall be performed prior to the installation of any panels.
  8. At the rough inspection the inspector shall examine all conduits, boxes, building wiring, service connections, combiner boxes, inverters, railing/racking components and connections, all flashings, and any other equipment or components which fall under the usual categorization of a rough inspection.
  9. At the rough inspection the inspector shall confirm all service grounding and bonding comply with current standards.
  10. At the rough inspection the contractor shall supply the inspector with any/all PPE required by OSHA.
  11. At the rough inspection the contractor shall provide the inspector with safe access to the roof and attic to perform his/her duties.
  12. Upon approval of rough inspection, work shall be allowed to continue.
  13. Upon completion of all work the contractor shall schedule a final inspection.
  14. At the final inspection the system shall be energized for a short period of time to allow for inspection. A short period of time shall be defined as less the two hours.

Upon approval of the final inspection and submittal of all additional documentation required by the Illinois Commerce Commission and the utility provider the system then shall be allowed to be energized and remain in its normal operating condition.

Due to the complex nature of the inspections required additional inspection fees may be required.

Inspections can be scheduled the same day as pre-construction meeting to accommodate contractor’s schedule.

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