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Brick x Brick Scholarship Program | Brick Order Form

  1. 2020 BBB Order Form Header
  2. This scholarship is used “To promote and encourage academic achievement and life-long learning among Richton Park residents.” The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors headed to a college or university, those currently enrolled, and or adult students furthering their education.
  3. The bricks that will be installed in front of the community center will serve as your support for the importance of continuing education as well as advertisement for your business or organization. Families are encouraged and welcomed to honor family members, friends, and loved ones as well! Bricks can be inscribed as a dedication, a memorial, an organization’s name/logo, or a message of encouragement.
  4. If submitting form and payment in-person or via mail, please download the form to the right, and make check payable to: "Friends of Richton Park Foundation - Brick Dedication"

    Friends of Richton Park Foundation

    4455 Sauk Trail | Richton Park, IL 60471

  5. Type/Size of Brick*
  6. Icons are available at no additional charge (2 icons per brick). Please allow 3 spaces on 2 lines for each icon, indicate placement below.
  7. 4x8 Brick Guide
    4x8 Brick Lines
  8. 12x12 Brick Guide
    12x12 Brick Lines
  9. Completion of this order form will take you directly to checkout to complete your purchase. There, make sure to include:
    - Description of payment being applied: Brick by Brick, Name, Size (4x8 or 12x12) - Misc Fee: $100.00 or $500.00
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