President Message

On behalf of the Village Board, Village Clerk, staff, and residents, it is my privilege to extend a warm and sincere welcome to you.

This website contains information that will assist you in becoming better acquainted with Richton Park. If, after reviewing this site, you still have any questions, I encourage you to give our staff a call and they will be glad to assist you.

Richton Park has seen a flurry of new development recently, and that is just the beginning. The Village’s opportunity has met demand, and our current as well as future projects will definitely make you proud. With new additions Starbucks, Town Center Pointe Apartments,  Midwest Express Clinic, Epic Wings, Tropical Smoothie Café, and Sweet Vegan Bakes all opening by next year, Richton Park is just that closer to being the ideal, premier community that we strive for. We understand and respect the vital role that businesses, both big and small, play in moving the Village forward. We work hard to adhere to our Economic Development philosophy of retaining, creating and promoting redevelopment of the community through our exceptional new relationships, and maintaining a positive outlook and growth for the city. We invest in doing what is best for our Village - that which will build more successful and promising businesses and overall presence of Richton Park.

Our unrelenting commitment to community, neighbors helping neighbors, businesses and organizations pitching in, and our community pulling together with the most generous outpouring of assistance, contributions, and displays of kindness and compassion, has been unlike anything we have ever seen. This has been so evident throughout our supportive and enriching initiatives, events, and activities. We came together and we worked together, united in our commitment to stay strong, persevere and help make things better. Together we are at our best. Great communities are built and maintained on hometown pride and spirit that foster volunteerism and generate tremendous community contributions. That is what we have built here together in Richton Park, and with your support, we can continue to build an inclusive, vibrant, safe, welcoming, and illustrious premier community. We are better together!

The Board of Trustees and I are always so proud of the great work coming from staff, the preparation, and the participation from citizens like you! The residents and community play a vital role in the success of the Village, and we thank you for it all! It is my pledge to you that the Village stands ready and committed to economic growth and opportunity. Richton Park is slated to be a true destination with citizens.

As Richton Park builds and grows before your very eyes, this former “bedroom community” is full-steam ahead with a transformation to a modern destination that respects our past while embracing the challenge of preparing for the future. Remember Richton Park, there are countless ways to engage with your community - through the Village’s website at, social media such as Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, YouTube, apps such as SeeClickFix and Simplicity, and as always signing up for direct text/email alerts at

Along with the Board of Trustees and Staff, I wish you all a wonderful Fall season. Thank you for being symbols of strength, resilience, and strong community. 

This is Richton Park. This is Your Home.

Rick Reinbold, President


Rick Reinbold

Village President