Occupancy Inspection Process

Occupancy Inspection Process

The Village of Richton requires that an occupancy inspection be performed prior to the change in ownership or tenancy of any property. This ordinance applies to all residential and commercial properties.

This information is provided to help you understand what steps the village takes before issuing a Certificate of Occupancy:
  1. You need to complete the Application for Occupancy Inspection form completely.
  2. Any monies owed to the Village of Richton Park must be paid, prior to the scheduling of the inspection, i.e. delinquent water bill, property maintenance violations, and liens.
  3. You can then schedule an appointment for the inspection to be done.
  4. If there are no violations found by the inspector, and you provide the inspector with your heating certificate during or prior to the inspection, you will receive your Certificate of Occupancy at the completion of the inspection. (A copy of the exact inspection form used during the inspection is attached, to allow you to have your property compliant ready by the time of the inspection.)
  5. If there are violations that need to be corrected, you will have to make those corrections within 30 days, and then call back and schedule a return visit by the inspector to verify that all the repairs have been made. You will be allowed one return visit for completion, if the inspector has to come back a third time or more you will have to pay the complete fee again each additional time.
  6. Workmanship, repairs, maintenance work, alterations, or installations which are caused directly or indirectly by the enforcement of this code shall be executed and installed in a workmanlike manner and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.


    In the event that the culmination of the sale of a premises would be jeopardized if the violations are unable to be corrected within the specified time frame, a Conditional Certificate of Occupancy may be issued by the inspector if violations are not corrected, provided that all of the following are true:
    1. Escrow deposit is posted with the Village in a sufficient amount to cover all expenses needed to correct the violations, but not less than five hundred dollars ($500) plus all re-inspection fees and contingency expense.
    2. The owner, in addition to posting the cash security bond, states in writing that he or she expressly undertakes and assumes responsibility for the corrections within a time frame not to exceed (30) thirty days. The new owner shall also authorize the inspector to enter the dwelling within five working days after the required date of compliance to ascertain if the corrections have been made.
    3. The original owner understands that the abatement of any of the violations found during the occupancy inspection is his or her responsibility, and in the event that the new owner refuses to accept responsibility for the repair of the violations.

Certificate of Occupancy Expiration

Your Certificate of Occupancy is good for 6 months from the date on the certificate. If six months have passed, and you have not sold or rented your property, you can renew it one time for a six month extension. However, a new inspection is required to be sure things have not changed since the original inspection, and there is no fee for the extension.


Richton Park’s Crime Free Rental Housing Program gives rental property owners and managers a powerful tool to help reduce the chances of criminal activity in individual rented units.

The cornerstone of the program is a lease addendum that puts potential tenants on notice that they are liable for any criminal activity within their units and, if criminal activity does occur, the lease can be terminated and the eviction process initiated.

By establishing this successful program, the Village of Richton Park hopes to reduce police calls for service, build a more stable resident base, reduce exposure to civil liability, and improve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact Pete Saunders, Community and Economic Development Director, at (708)481-8950, x143, or at psaunders@richtonpark.org.

Crime Free Housing Ordinance

Crime Free Housing Lease Addendum

Occupancy Inspection Checklist

Please note that this checklist is meant to give you a sense of what we are looking for during an inspection. However, all properties must be code compliant and so additional items may be required for occupancy to be granted.