Common Code Violations

About Overlooked Code Violations

The Village of Richton Park Code Enforcement Department has listed several of the most commonly overlooked ordinances. All residents are encouraged to read the list and stay in compliance to avoid any citation and fines from the Code Enforcement Officers. If you have any questions, we encourage you to call our office at (708) 481-5086. Violators are subject to fines of $150.00 to $750.00.

List of Common Code Violations

  • Failure to obtain a building permit for any of the following: (sample list)
    • Furnace and Air Conditioners (replacement)
    • Replacement of windows or doors (including overhead garage doors)
    • Roofs (repairs and replacement) Fences (new or replacement)
    • Siding and gutters (new or replacement) Water heaters (replacement)
    • Unsure? Call our office at (708) 481-8950 ext. 153 to check.
  • Failure to obtain Occupancy Inspection:
    • Needed anytime occupancy or ownership changes by selling or renting of (houses, apartments, and commercial units)
  • Garbage violations:
    • Garbage cans must not be out early or late of scheduled pick-up
    • Garbage cans should be stored out of sight between pick-up days
    • Plastic bags must be stored in approved containers to protect them from wildlife damage
  • High grass / weeds:
    • Any grass or weeds in excess of six inches high in all areas, including along buildings and fences
  • House numbers visible from the street
    • Premises identification plainly visible, contrasting color, and minimum four inches high
  • Illegally placed signs:
    • Garage sale signs not on seller’s property
    • Real estate signs not on seller’s property
    • Signs placed in parkway (any type of sign not pre-approved)
    • Signs posted on utility poles, trees, or fences

  • Motor vehicle violations: (non-moving)
    • Inoperable vehicles on the premises, which include flat tires, body damaged, or dismantled to the point of safe operation
    • No current license plates or Village of Richton Park vehicle sticker
    • Vehicles (motorized and non-motorized) parking on unimproved surface (must be parked on concrete or asphalt)
  • Pet license and limits:
    • No person shall own or harbor, more than two dogs or cats of licensing age
    • No person shall own or keep a dog or cat four months or more of age unless they have a village pet license
  • Protective treatment:
    • No peeling and faded paint, on buildings and structures (including fences)
  • Swimming Pools:
    • All pools are to remain covered in the off season, and operational in season
    • No person shall maintain any stagnant pool of water in the village
  • Winter snow removal:
    • Snow and ice must not be shoveled or blown from the property sidewalks and driveways into the streets.