Report a Tip

Anonymously Provide a Tip on Criminal Activity in Your Neighborhood

To report a crime in progress, or if you need immediate police assistance please dial 911 immediately.

To report a tip regarding drug activity, gang-related activity, homeland security matter, a wanted fugitive or suspect, you may do so by clicking on the link provided.

The following are examples of activities you may use the tip link to report. Use the link to:

Drug Activities

Provide anonymous tips regarding possible drug-related activities. Your tip may relate to the sale or distribution of illegal drugs, locations where drug selling is occurring, names of drug pushers, or anything else that you think may assist us in combating illegal drugs in Richton Park.

Gang Activity

Provide anonymous tips regarding gang-related individuals of activities. If you notice graffiti in your neighborhood, groups of people acting suspiciously and/or harassing you or your neighbors, or if you can provide any other information regarding gangs in Richton Park.

Report a Homeland Security Matter

Provide anonymous tips regarding suspicious behavior and activity that may affect the safety and security of the Village of Richton Park. Your tip may relate to terrorist activity, extremist groups, civil disturbances, or anything else that you think may assist us in making Richton Park safe and secure.

Do not ignore your feelings of uneasiness about a person or circumstance you may encounter. If you observe someone or something suspicious, report it. Call 911 if there is an actual emergency or immediate threat.

Report a Tip [Here]