Citizens Police Academy

The Richton Park and Matteson Police Departments are sponsoring an official “Citizens Police Academy,” open to area residents and business owners. This special force introduces a standard course as well, as classes will be held on 8 consecutive Thursdays from 7:00pm-9:00pm between the sites of Richton Park and Matteson Police Departments. The curriculum has been designed to give participants a working knowledge of the police department and daily functions. Participants must be at least 18 years old to participate and will be subject to a background check. There is no charge to attend the academy; it’s totally free.

Scheduled class topics include:
  • Class 1 - Introduction, Overview/Tour of Department, Careers in Law Enforcement
  • Class 2 - Community Policing
  • Class 3 - Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection Pt 1
  • Class 4 - Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection Pt 2
  • Class 5 - Police Ethics and Use of Force
  • Class 6 - Use of Force and Defensive Tactics
  • Class 7 - Firearms and Weapons Training
  • Class 8 - Juvenile Law/Police and Youth Interaction & Peer Jury Demonstration
  • Class 9 - Traffic Stops
  • Class 10 - Overview of Field Training and Graduation
Citizen_Police_Academy - Do You Have What It Takes

Classes are scheduled to begin:

September 5, 2019.

Class size will be limited so don’t miss out on registration.
 Call 708-283-4713 or fill out the online

Citizens Police Academy Application [HERE]